“Choreographing, performing, and sharing her love of partner dancing with others is the passion and focus of her life.”

The Beginning…
Being a very ‘active’ kid, at age 2 Flouer went into both Vaganova ballet & ice skating.   For the first 18 years, ice skating took precedence over dancing as she competed nationally and internationally, eventually placing 7th in the world.  At age 16 she started competing in International Latin Ballroom.   At 19, she quit ice skating to “get a life” and began her obsession with lindy hop, traveling hours away to get her fix.  At the same time, she went on to get her BS in Dance from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.  Still in Detroit, she became the head ballet instructor at a jazz competition studio; continued to compete and perform as a Latin dancer in places like the Super Bowl, a casino show, and a professional ballroom show called “Latin Fever”; and formed a Detroit Modern Dance Company that put on several evening long performances.

New York City…
In 2007 Flouer moved to New York City where she continued to dance and train in various forms.  She got involved in the commercial dance scene, became SAFD certified in all stage combat weapon forms, and studied 15th and 16th century Italian & French social dances (SCA).  Deciding that she was bored, in 2009 she went back to get her MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College, where she focused on creating work based on expanding the ideas of what partner dancing can be.  In 2010 she started a burlesque troupe called DeFlouered Productions, through which she performed in nightclubs & resorts internationally, and held women empowerment “Sexy Dance Classes” and choreography workshops.

Partner Dancing…
In Spring of 2011 Flouer formed Blues Dance New York, a company out of which she organizes & teaches Blues Dancing.  In 2013, she founded Fusion Dance NYC & began exploring the world of fusion dance with her events Melting Pot & Motley Hue.  Traveling for gigs almost every weekend, she has become a well known international Blues & Fusion Dance instructor, performer & DJ.

Current Goal… 
Flouer has recently begun stepping away from producing & stepping into more introspection, training, traveling, and creating.  More projects to come!



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