I LOVE dancing.

I love making art out of dance, curating experiences for other people to dance, and developing curriculums for teaching dance.

I’m obsessed with organizing information and experiences concerning movement.

I am always looking for the “next step” in my life. This thirst for knowledge has lead me to wander into learning the fundamentals of many partner and solo dance styles, just so I can see how “they do it”. Similarly, I have wandered my way into learning about embodiment, breathwork and meditation. I am constantly looking for more ways of artistic and physical expression. What can satisfy my desire to interpret and communicate with the world? But more than that… how can I artistically facilitate other people into having their own experiences through movement? Being a part of a group of people moving together gives a sense of belonging and purpose, and is one of the most powerful experiences of my life. What else is possible with this medium?

What about when you aren’t dancing?

Off the dance floor I can often be found curating DJ sets and reading a lot. I read about dance history, embodiment principles, cultural philosophy, spiritual paths, and the occasional sci fi/fantasy. I am slightly obsessed with fiber arts (embroidery & macrame), I hike, jump in cold water, solve puzzles in “escape the room” games, research about life before the 1600’s, and spend a lot of time learning to speak Italian. I am also grateful to have carved a life in which I can spend a good amount of quality time with my beautiful husband and family.

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