“The Suzie Q” – 2015 Solo Blues

My most recent piece was a blues dance solo with a different feel from the material I’ve shown before.  It was a little nerve wracking to perform the first time, because I wasn’t sure how the crowd would react.  Fortunately, it turned out much better than I ever would have expected, and the response was an overwhelming positive.  So far, I have had the pleasure … Continue reading “The Suzie Q” – 2015 Solo Blues

“Rain” – Alfredo & Flouer 2014

Rain, Rain….! “Rain” is a piece my dance partner Alfredo Melendez and I worked on for many months.  The piece is based on three stages of a thunderstorm, which we corresponded to the classical structure of a ballet pas de deux (entrance duet, man’s solo, woman’s solo, adagio & coda) and used blues movements and ideas to execute.  It involved using 3 different pieces of … Continue reading “Rain” – Alfredo & Flouer 2014

“Goin’ Slow” 5 Manhattans, Straight Up 2014

The 5 Manhattans, Straight Up Is the all woman choreography blues group in New York City.  We came together to make a piece for Blues Shout 2014, and ended up loving what came of the experience! The piece we put together was called “Goin’ Slow”, and was the music “Goin’ Down Slow” by an unknown artist.  We were thrilled to perform at both Blues Shout … Continue reading “Goin’ Slow” 5 Manhattans, Straight Up 2014

MLB Choreo Project 2014 “Scratch Project”

“The Scratch Project” Is what the 3 dancers decided to call themselves after working together for an intense week of choreography and dancing for Major League Blues in New York City & Boston.  Music “Scratch My Back” by Taj Mahal. Finished in just one week, this project was a collaboration between dancers, choreographer, music, and time constraints!  We created magic together, and had the opportunity … Continue reading MLB Choreo Project 2014 “Scratch Project”

Them Bad Apples 2013/2014

“Them Bad Apples” –  a New York City Blues Dance Performance Team. “The Cost” Our first project!  Winter & Spring of 2013.  Music “Pay the Cost” by MonkeyJunk. This piece was performed at Sweet Molasses Blues in Boston & Nocturne Blues in NYC.   “Goin’ to New York” Our Fall 2013 & Winter 2014 Project.  Music “Goin’ to New York” by Jimmy Reed & James … Continue reading Them Bad Apples 2013/2014

Mojo Aristocracy 2012-13

Mojo Aristocracy I am honored to have worked with Mojo Aristocracy, the all-star women’s blues performance group.  I had a hand in helping to create both “I Want to be Seduced” and “Crawling King Snake”, which were performed at many national blues dance events throughout 2012 & 2013.  These are some powerful ladies from across the United States, and the process was a blast!  Enjoy. Continue reading Mojo Aristocracy 2012-13