The Fusion Continuum

I often get asked the question, โ€œWhat is Fusion?โ€  I have my basic elevator speech available talking about the combination of different partner dance genres, about dancing to music that is not associated with an established dance form, about how different scenes dance differently, and distinguishing Fusion Partner Dancing from the various types of solo […]

Travel Booking Tips

I have started getting asked again to help people plan their travel, and especially now that the world has been opening up. Travel is a large part of my job, so I’ve learned some tricks along the way. Maybe this will be helpful to you ๐Ÿ™‚ Below is a google doc of my tips for […]

Halloween Blues Choreography

I was asked to teach an online beginner blues dance class for a fusion group out of Washington, DC. Since it was on Halloween day, I decided to make a theme out of it! I had so much fun putting this together. I have a Halloween Blues Spotify list I put together for the class, […]

Quarantine Blues- Final Project!

After many months of learning, shooting, and then computer editing – we finished our project! What a delightful experience to work with all of these lovely participants. I fall in love with their humor, honesty, and enthusiasm every time I watch them on screen. Music: “Quarantine Blues” by Stefano Ronchi

Activism Through Movement- Pearl Primus

Through our dance we can use our bodies as tools for activism. Some Black Dance History: Activism Through Movement Through the 1930โ€™s and 40โ€™s, when many social dances we practice today were at their peak of conception, there was a revolution of movement in performance dance that defied the popular standards of what was beautiful.  […]

Live Fusion Acts

A collection of live acts that have played for fusion dancers. I started to make this document for fusion organizers after I had a few inquiries about what live music talent I’ve seen at events. These are the people I know about. Please reach out to me if you have a great live act that […]

Quarantine Blues – Participate

A project born out of being stuck at home and having to wash our hands way too often. Join us in learning the Quarantine Blues Choreo for a little dance fun in your home. Music! Please thank Stefano Ronchi for producing this song that inspired us to do a little dancing to it. If you […]