Blues Dance

I spend most of my time teaching, researching, and exploring blues dancing both in New York City and throughout the world.

Blues Dance is a social partner dance with a strong solo component that allows freedom of expression for both leads and follows, is rich with creativity, and has originated & flourished in the United States.

For a full definition & more information on the music we dance to, check out Blues Dance New York.

Since I discovered it in 1999, and rediscovered it in 2010, Blues Dance has been a source of inspiration, delight, and pleasure for me that I have returned to time and again.  It’s a very beautiful and easy dance for anyone to begin, and can be a very difficult dance to master.

To see more Blues Dancing in action, visit the Flouer Blues Youtube Channel.  I am constantly updating my playlists with curated lists of the various kinds of blues dancing out there.


  Go out dancing in New York City!  Check out


I am also excited to be a part of the team that hosts Nocturne Blues, a national blues dancing event in New York City.   Check it out here for more info:

nocturneblues flier



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