Blues Music We Dance To

Blues Music Genres We Dance To + Artist Examples I’ve arranged here a simple table to see many of the blues music genres we dance to in our current global blues dance community. Listed under each genre are a few artists that represent that genre, with links to specific songs or albums on Spotify. There […]

Halloween Blues Choreography

I was asked to teach an online beginner blues dance class for a fusion group out of Washington, DC. Since it was on Halloween day, I decided to make a theme out of it! I had so much fun putting this together. I have a Halloween Blues Spotify list I put together for the class, […]

Quarantine Blues- Final Project!

After many months of learning, shooting, and then computer editing – we finished our project! What a delightful experience to work with all of these lovely participants. I fall in love with their humor, honesty, and enthusiasm every time I watch them on screen. Music: “Quarantine Blues” by Stefano Ronchi

Activism Through Movement- Pearl Primus

Through our dance we can use our bodies as tools for activism. Some Black Dance History: Activism Through Movement Through the 1930’s and 40’s, when many social dances we practice today were at their peak of conception, there was a revolution of movement in performance dance that defied the popular standards of what was beautiful.  […]