Creative Work

3 dots


Begin Anywhere

– John Cage


I am a choreographer.

I collect & curate movement, sound, & ideas in the effort to produce visceral or poignant experiences for performers and audience members. 

I am often interested in the juxtaposition of seemingly opposing material.  Minimalism, Contrast, and a Baroque-Like sense of detail are concepts I find myself coming back to over and over again.  Most of my current work  focuses on partner dancing, though I have long said that every dance is a partner dance.  

In the Blues Dance world, I am known for pushing the edges of the genre.  Before each piece I ask “What does the community need?  What haven’t they seen yet?”.   My work is very influenced by my research and historical perspective.

To take a look at my recent work, click on the posts listed on the left sidebar.


Project:  Your Blues Dancing Body

Who are you as a dancer?  Who are you as a blues dancer?  How does history affect your dancing today?

Write.  Listen.  Dance.  (Repeat)


Project:  A Dance a Day.

Explore one Blues Dance idea/quality/texture a day

Think. Dance. Do. Record.




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