I love DJing!

 Every time I DJ it gives me a thrill to watch dancers thrum, pulse, fly & swirl to the tapestry of music I spin.

If you want me to DJ for your event, email me!



Blues DJ Bio:

Many years ago Flouer fell in love with blues dancing, and ever since she has been fascinated with blues movement, history, and music. DJing has turned into a passion for her, the meditative process of discovering and organizing music & the thrill of watching a room of dancers thrum are some of her favorite things to do. She has created musical experiences for dancers all over Australia, Europe, Canada, and the US, as well as DJing regularly at events in her home town of New York City.  Thanks for listening- now get up and dance!

Fusion DJ Bio:

“Comfort, Contrast & Texture” is Flouer’s mantra while DJing for a room full of Fusion dancers.  With a background in so many solo & partner dance styles, Flouer sprinkles a little sas into the room with everything from Pop & R&B, to World Music & Classical.  The dance floor is her tapestry as she spins rich, colorful portraits full of creativity.  In her world, she seeks to lull you with the sweet sounds of familiar rhythms- then skyrocket you into starry realms, far past where you ever thought music could take you.  Dance is your playground, music is your jungle gym.




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