Embodiment is the art and science of how our bodies are connected to the way we act in our daily lives.  

We intuitively know this.  Tell me which one would prepare you better:  Before you go out on stage to talk to a large group of people, would you rather sit in an oversized chair with your shoulders slumped over, chest deflated?   Or stand up, spreading your arms wide, breathing strongly into your chest, looking around the room? 

Probably you said the latter one would help you feel more confident to be on that stage.  That is embodiment:  changing your body to influence how you want to act.  

As an Embodiment Coach, I am here to help you use the power naturally found in your body to become a better human.    

“Flouer’s session felt very tailored and insightful.  It felt like being asked to do active listening to my body’s nonverbal communication. I was given space to reconnect with myself.  Would recommend her sessions!”  — Stacia Warzinksi, New York City


After a decade of working with people through partner dance, I realized that there are some problems that consistently come up that are just not dance problems- they are life problems. 

I love that through embodiment coaching I now have the skills to help guide people both on the dance floor and in their biggest life fears/dreams. 

In my coaching I put an emphasis on relationships.  This could be the relationship between you as a romantic couple, the relationship to your inner self, or between you and the intricate system of human society we live in. 


Partnership That Works is a cross-disciplinary project dedicated to building sustainable dance partnerships through excellent communication skills. It is a collaboration between dance instructor / mediation coach Maria Malenkova and dance instructor / embodiment coach Flouer Evelyn.

“Less fighting, more productivity. Less heartache, more teamwork!”

Live Weekend Event:  November 10-12, Vilnius Lithuania

Next Online Taster Workshop:  August 6th, 15-17 CET.  €15-25 sliding scale
     “Finding common values in a dance partnership.” 
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“Get Unstuck!” is an online series of embodiment practices and group coaching geared towards exploring ways to add flow, momentum, and ease in areas of your life where you feel “stuck”.

Every class we explore new ways to move in our bodies and apply this technique to how we can move differently through life.

Right now we are on a summer break from our “Get Unstuck!” online workshops.  Fall times to be updated soon. 

“In my partner and I’s lesson with Flouer, she could see the communication problems we were having and ask the right questions to make us listen better to each other.  That made our dancing more fun, taking away a lot of pressure and expectations.”  — Sara, Sweden


A coaching relationship can be anything from light and easy fun to very intense and involved.  Everyone and every situation is a bit different, and it doesn’t make sense for us to enter into a relationship if it is not going to be enjoyable and worthwhile for both of us!  To that end, we need to know a little bit about each other. Before working together for an extended period of time, we will do a half hour intake session to make sure we are a good fit.  

Open to Learning

The purpose of coaching is to make realizations and integrate different ways of being/thinking about the world. If you are not open to changing the way you think, then coaching is not the right fit for you yet.

Trauma Aware

My coaching is highly informed by trauma education and allowing for personal choice. However, this is coaching and not therapy. We are here to make present-day changes, we will not talk at length about what happened in your past.

Caring Directness

We can only make magic changes in your life together if I can be direct about my perceptions about your embodiment and situations. Sometimes deeply caring requires softness, and sometimes it requires challenge. I use them both.


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