Embodiment is the art and science of how our bodies are connected to the way we act in our daily lives.  

We intuitively understand this. 

While reading this, slump your shoulders and hang your head looking at the floor. Feel into your body what that is like.
Now sit up taller, turn your palms up, and look at the ceiling. What has changed for you?

This is a simple example of the profound study of embodiment.

As a coach of embodiment I guide you through experiences that help you connect to your body, supporting you through the process of using the power naturally found in your body to become a better human.

“Flouer’s session felt very tailored and insightful.  It felt like being asked to do active listening to my body’s nonverbal communication. I was given space to reconnect with myself.  Would recommend her sessions!”  — Stacia Warzinksi, New York City


After over a decade working with people through partner dance, I craved being able to help people in new ways that could directly address the things they wanted to change in their bodies and lives.  I found the tools I was missing through embodiment coaching, and dived in with a full heart. 

My expertise is based on relationships, working through how the individual relates to their body, other people, and the outside world. 

When working with a life coach, the usual method is to ask you questions to help you figure out what you want in your life.

While I will also ask questions, I spend most of our time offering you new bodily experiences to help you make internal changes in how you are approaching the subject.

We spend much of our time doing & feeling rather than just talking.  


For five months my colleague Christina Dohr and I connected between our respective continents (she lives in Thailand!) to offer Embodied Masterclasses on relational topics of interest.  They were a great success, each one with a different vibe. 

The recordings are now available for purchase individually or as a whole. 


Our fall and winter programs have finished.  We covered topics such as “Being Seen”, “Emotional Awareness & Flexibility”, and different ways to “Get Unstuck”. 

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“In my partner and I’s lesson with Flouer, she could see the communication problems we were having and ask the right questions to make us listen better to each other.  That made our dancing more fun, taking away a lot of pressure and expectations.”  — Sara, Sweden


A coaching relationship can be anything from light and easy fun to very intense and involved.  Everyone and every situation is a bit different, and it doesn’t make sense for us to enter into a relationship if it is not going to be enjoyable and worthwhile for both of us!  To that end, we need to know a little bit about each other. Before working together for an extended period of time, we will do a half hour intake session to make sure we are a good fit.  

Open to Learning

The purpose of coaching is to make realizations and integrate different ways of being/thinking about the world. If you are not open to changing the way you think, then coaching is not the right fit for you yet.

Trauma Aware

My coaching is highly informed by trauma education and allowing for personal choice. However, this is coaching and not therapy. We are here to make present-day changes, we will not talk at length about what happened in your past.

Caring Directness

We can only make magic changes in your life together if I can be direct about my perceptions about your embodiment and situations. Sometimes deeply caring requires softness, and sometimes it requires challenge. I use them both.


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