Event Bios

Blues Instructor Bio

Flouer is a full time dance instructor based out of New York City, though she can often be found galavanting the world spreading her love of blues.  Since 2011 she has dedicated much of her life to blues, though she has over 20 years of training in multiple forms of partner dance, toured the world for contemporary dance & ice skating, and acquired her MFA in Dance.  Flouer presents a very contextual, holistic approach to Blues. In her classes this often translates into encouraging individual artistry while paying close attention to connection, technique, and historical references. Dance classes are about people- they should be interactive, interesting, and FUN! Flouer is deeply dedicated to furthering the art of Blues dancing, and believes that people physically moving and learning together can lead to powerful experiences.http://www.flouerdances.com

Fusion Instructor Bio

Flouer has an extensive, multilayered background in movement practices.  Her experiences range from competing at blues & lindy exchanges, professional ballroom & Latin shows, stage combat, burlesque, and world travel for ice skating and contemporary dance.  She has both her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Dance.
Fascinated by the history of social dances, Flouer often brings context into her classes.  With the belief that most life lessons can be found in partner dance, she strives to help people create connections within themselves, their partners, and the community as a whole.  Currently, she can be found teaching full time around the world and New York City, and running her fusion events Melting Pot & Motley Hue.  http://www.FlouerDances.com

Blues DJ Bio

Many years ago Flouer fell in love with blues dancing, and ever since she has been fascinated with blues movement, history, and music. DJing has turned into a passion for her, the meditative process of discovering and organizing music & the thrill of watching a room of dancers thrum are some of her favorite things to do. Not only does she DJ regularly at events in her home town of New York City, but she has created musical experiences all over the world at National and local events. Thanks for listening- now get up and dance! http://FlouerDances.com

Fusion DJ Bio

“Comfort, Contrast & Texture” is Flouer’s mantra while DJing for a room full of Fusion dancers.  With a background in so many solo & partner dance styles, Flouer sprinkles a little sas into the room with everything from Pop & R&B, to World Music & Classical.  The dance floor is her tapestry as she spins rich, colorful portraits full of creativity.  In her world, she seeks to lull you with the sweet sounds of familiar rhythms- then skyrocket you into starry realms, far past where you ever thought music could take you.  Dance is your playground, music is your jungle gym.  http://FlouerDances.com