“Get Unstuck” Monthly Practice

Join us for a monthly dose of embodiment practices geared towards exploring ways to “get unstuck” in areas of your life.

Every month we’ll explore a new way to move in our bodies and apply this technique to how we can move differently through life.

We’ll work on letting the water flow through you freely, the blocks of ice to melt, the vibration of your voice to shake the tensions loose, the hamster to lose it’s traction, and the growls to tear through the things in your way.

First Tuesdays of the month: April 4, May 2, June 6, July 4, Aug 1.

20:30 CET (Rome time) / 2:30pm EST (NYC time)
Classes are 75 minutes long.

Expect roughly a half hour movement session sandwiched by time for conversation in the beginning and end for introductions and digesting. The last fifteen minutes will be reserved for free movement practice with music related to our session, and I will be available to answer questions if anything comes up for you.

Cost: 16 for one session, 12 each if you sign up for three or more (same amount paid in $, € or CHF)

Registration form coming soon. For more details or to reserve your spot, email flouerdances@gmail.com

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