I was asked to teach an online beginner blues dance class for a fusion group out of Washington, DC. Since it was on Halloween day, I decided to make a theme out of it! I had so much fun putting this together.

I have a Halloween Blues Spotify list I put together for the class, although I did not use most of these songs while teaching.

This is not the first piece of choreography done to this song! There is a lovely, much more involved, piece of choreography done by Dawa Jung and Youngdon Kwon. If you want to check it out, link is here.

Rattlin’ Bones is a song done in New Orleans Jazz style, a city in the south of Louisiana in the United States. New Orleans is touted as the “birthplace of jazz“, and has a strong African American tradition of both dance and music, such as the Second Line parades.

Enjoy your learning and dancing!