Online Classes

As the world continues to slow down, I will be hosting more online classes.
Join me for this first rendition:
“Holiday” Blues with Flouer & Billie

Join the facebook event if you are into that platform.

Here is the class playlist of a selection of Billie’s music that is great for dancing blues to:


Saturday December to 19th:
Canceled due to personal reasons. Many apologies. I’ll be back in February with classes in Zurich. Take care for the Holidays.

Wednesday December 9th:
6:45 Central Europe, 12:45pm Eastern Standard

Payment Details
10-20 Sliding Scale
Please use the link below to pay the amount you wish between 10 & 20, or the amount you can afford. You should be able to pay in any currency.
If you would prefer a bank transfer, message me personally for details at

Class Description:
In honor of the “holidays”, we will be dancing to the beautiful music of Billie Holiday… yes I know, it’s all very clever. 😉
This is a solo blues class filled with layered and textured blues movements with subtle complexities. We will be focusing on softening the edges of our dance to match Billie’s deep jazzy-blues style.

In Flouer’s online solo classes, you not only learn lots of vocabulary and style, but we also dance with each other using different visual techniques. It is quite fun and engaging!

This is more or less the holiday continuation of our weekly Zurich Blues classes, and everyone is welcome!
Some prior experience with blues vocabulary is recommended, though if you are eager and have some dance experience in another style, attending should be no problem.

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