Partnership That Works

Live Weekend in Vilnius

November 10-12, 2023

Partnership That Works is a weekend-long workshop on communication skills and conflict-management for dancers.  If you’re looking to build a secure, productive and fun partnership, one where you feel valued, heard and understood, this workshop is for you!

What are our goals?

⭐  By the end of this weekend, you will know more about how to handle uncomfortable conversations with your dance partner without emotional fighting or shutting down.
⭐  You’ll have the tools to be more attentive to your partner, learn how to give feedback as well as handle criticism yourself.
⭐  You will also learn how to operate so that the difference of opinions doesn’t get in the way of training or teaching together.

In short, our goal is that you will have more productive and relaxed training sessions with your partner!

Who is this workshop for?

We’d love to have you join us if any of the below apply to you…

➡️  You have a regular dance partner that you train, compete or teach with
➡️  You have several dance partners that you work with on an unregularly basis
➡️  You’ve been in a partnership for a long time and you’d like to improve your communication patterns
➡️  You’re just embarking on a journey of training or teaching with someone new
➡️  You don’t have a dance partner currently but you’d like to have a partnership that will feel good in the future
➡️  You take classes and would like to connect with your classmates better
➡️  You’d like to improve your communication with students, event organizers or teachers that you’re hiring
➡️  You’re interested in building communication skills and conflict-management topic

You don’t have to attend this workshop with your partner for this to work!

Who are your facilitators?

Maria Malenkova

Maria is a devoted blues and lindy hop dancer, teacher and performer, as well as communication skills teacher and mediator. She is currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Students say that Maria’s teaching style strikes a perfect balance between structure and empathetic approach to each individual: in her classes she provides clear guidance and a solid foundation for learning, while also creating a comfortable and uplifting environment. Maria has been teaching dance since 2015, both locally and around Europe. In 2020 she expanded her expertise by graduating from the School of Mediation and Law, becoming a professional mediator and educator in verbal communication. Since then, she has been successfully consulting dance couples and conducting workshops on verbal communication and conflict management.

Flouer Evelyn

Flouer (pronounced “Flower”) is a partner dance instructor and embodiment coach who focuses on helping people understand and navigate the many relationships in their lives through both dance and coaching. She has a warm and encouraging approach to facilitation, gently challenging you to take ownership of your body and your life through a balance of acceptance and strength. She is a trainer for the coaching program through Embodiment Unlimited, and is a graduate of their University Program, with certifications in Trauma Coaching, Meditation, and several other modalities. She has had the opportunity to facilitate and coach people on four continents since 2009. Though she can often be found on the road teaching, she comes from New York City and lives in Turin, Italy.

What will we be doing?

  • Schedule:
    • Plan to show up on Friday night around 19:30 for introductions.  After that we will be heading to dinner together. 
    • We will begin and end Saturday and Sunday with sessions lead by Maria on mediation techniques and theory of conversation, a total of 7 hrs. 
    • In the middle of the days will be sessions with Flouer on how to take care of yourself and your emotions in conversation, a total of 3 hrs.
    • We plan to have some sort of social dancing on Saturday evening.
    • We will end on Sunday around 18.  (Exact times TBA)

Where will we be?

“What a Jazz” Dance Studio: Lukiškių skg. 6, LT-01108, Vilnius

How much does it cost?

  • €195  Early Bird (available until Oct 8)
  • €225  Regular Pass