Personal Lessons

Taking personal lessons is your chance to learn at the convenience of your schedule, with lessons tailored to your individual needs. Learn dance the best way possible, in person. Kinesthetically. Auditorily and visually 360 degrees, with no screen in the way. Feel the subtlety and beauty of partner dance connection and gain a deeper understanding of the way your body works with others.

Participating in purposeful practice with expert guidance is (for most people) the best way to consistently move forward with understanding their body, technique, and retention of both ideas and felt sense of dance. Movement skills take time to integrate. Learning dance is not just a process of the mind getting concepts and memorizing, it is the process of building new neural pathways from your brain to your body, changing old habits, and learning new patterns.

There is so much rich material to explore in partner dancing, it can be a beautiful thing to make it a regular part of your life. 🌈 💜

Ready to start? Contact me through email:

How packages work:
When you first sign up, we will have an email exchange about your interests. The first time we meet we will plan for an extra 15 minutes of onboarding where we will talk about your personal goals and interests, and I will assess your dancing so we can achieve the most progress possible tailored to your needs.

This process of evaluation, goal setting and assessment will continue every time we have made significant progress. This means that throughout our time together we will continue to refine our goals, to feel better and more competent in our bodies, and to learn relevant and interesting material.

Sharing Lessons:
You might want to share lesson time with others for fun or to keep them affordable. I love it when people can learn together in small groups! Contact me with details on your particular group, as prices change a bit after 2 people. If you are looking for someone to split the lesson with, let me know and I will try to pair you with someone.

I am currently working in Turin, Italy at my home studio in San Salvario. For a small traveling fee, I am happy to come to your home or a studio.

You can also see if I will be traveling to your area by checking out my calendar, or request an online lesson.

One hour or 1.5 hours?
I have found that many people who take lessons regularly start with an hour and quickly change to 1.5 hours. One and a half hours is ideal if you want time to both learn new concepts and practice the material inside the lesson.
Couples will sometimes prefer to do one hour lessons because they have a regularly scheduled practice session outside of our lesson together, which helps with retention and repetition.
Whichever you choose, our goal is for you to become comfortable with the material quickly and have a high retention rate from week to week.

The common problem: “I want to learn, but I don’t know what I don’t know!”
To make it easier to know what you want to learn, I have listed some topics below to inspire you. You don’t have to pick one of these to have a lesson. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, we will work together to develop your goals and in all likelihood I will give you a mix of things that will help you get where you want to go.

Styles of Dance

I want to become more comfortable at specific styles:

  • General Ballroom Blues
  • General Jookin Blues
  • Idiom Dances:
    • Struttin’
    • Texas Shuffle
    • Piedmont
    • Chicago Triple
    • Etc, tell me which one you are curious about
  • Fusion Dance
    • Micro-Fusion
    • Hip Hop inspired Fusion
    • Lyrical Fusion
    • Dancing Fusion to a specific type of music or with a style of dance you love

I want to improve aspects of my dancing:

  • Musicality: “How to match my dancing to the music”
  • Structuring a Social Dance: “I know all these moves, now what do I do with them?”
  • Connection: “How do I communicate with my partner better?”
  • Creativity: “How do I use what I know in more interesting ways?”
  • Style: “I want to look better on the dance floor.”
  • Transitions: “How do I get from one move to the next more fluidly?”


I want to know more things to do on the dance floor:

  • Blues moves & sequences
  • Fusion moves & sequences
  • Video Learning: Pick a video you love online and we will analyse it and figure out how you can incorporate aspects of it into your dance
  • Deep dive into your personal solo movement
  • Partnering your solo movement
  • Choreography to a specific song (any style)
    • Wedding Dances, for a special event, a surprise for a friend, or just for yourself!
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