A project born out of being stuck at home and having to wash our hands way too often. Join us in learning the Quarantine Blues Choreo for a little dance fun in your home.

Please thank Stefano Ronchi for producing this song that inspired us to do a little dancing to it.
If you are participating in the project, please consider donating to Stefano Ronchi’s paypal: slidinwolf@gmail.com
Check out his other tunes and support here: Stefanoronchi.bandcamp.com

The first three sections of the choreography were made in order by: Flouer Evelyn, Shoshi Krieger-Joven, and Natalya Alyssa.
The Battle was choreographed by Beatrice Bibi & Ruth Evelyn.

Deadline to Submit Videos: June 7th!

(Send me an email if you plan to send it in but need an extra week.)

Register Yourself!
Directions to submit your final video:
—> Register your name on this google spreadsheet.
All details on what shots to submit are in the second tab of the same document.

—> Make your own personal google folder titled with YOUR NAME inside this google folder.

—> Upload all your videos into your folder.

—> Celebrate!

For any questions, reach out to Flouer through facebook or email: flouerdances@gmail.com

Some people have asked how to leave a tip for us. (Thanks!) Anything you would like to donate you can do so through his form:

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A Youtube Playlist of all the Learning Videos

A spreadsheet that lays out the choreography with linked video moments.
Thanks Gregory Dyke for putting this together!
Check it out

First three sections with music.
Detailed Explanation of each step in the first three sections.
First three sections with Counts.

The Battle!

Shoshi & Flouer Demo the Battle with counts.
Bibi’s Battle Section
**Note: in the “splashing of water” the arms are supposed to go back on 5 and 7, forward on 6 & 8. I’m doing them backwards here!**
Ruth’s Battle Section