Dance Instructor

The only reason for mastering technique is to make sure the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself.”      -La Meri

Dance Instructor
I am currently a full time dance instructor specializing in Social Partner Dances and Contemporary Dance.  I spend most of time teaching Blues & Fusion in New York City and around the world, but I also teach Ballet, Contemporary, Improvisation, and Creative Movement.

I am happy to teach alone, or with someone you suggest.  Contact me for a list of current partners in different styles.


Check out my calendar to find out where I’m headed next.


Some Past Events:

Private lessons

Jump start your dance learning, or refresh a forgotten skill!  Private or semi-private lessons are available in different cities as I travel through.
Besides the genres listed above, I regularly teach privates and small group lessons for:

Wedding Couples
Stretching & Posture
Stage Presence for Musicians and Other Performers
Bachelorette Parties
Men’s Social Dancing / Club Dancing

Contact me to schedule a lesson

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teaching movement is a whole body/mind/cultural experience.  All dance involves the physical experience of the movement, a cognitive understanding of the principles behind the movement, and the cultural experience of relating to not only the people who are moving with you, but the history of where the movement has come from.

I believe dance classes can be fun, interactive, and interesting.  I like to get people moving right away, as well as create group discussions and activities that allow students to grow as movers, thinkers, and expressive collaborators.

I believe there are many ways to reach my students.  During explanations, I try to use both colorful imagery and technical anatomical jargon.  I use visual examples, concrete tactile props, and lots of physical contact.

I believe that to be an effective instructor, you need to be an effective & active learner.  I am rooted in the foundations of my teaching philosophy, but I am never stagnant.  I am always on a quest for new experiences & new teaching models to add to my repertoire.

I seek to help my students build strong inner foundations so they can feel free to tear down the exoskeletons they have constructed around them.




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