April 30 – May 6, 2023

Applications are now closed.
Both the Berlin & NYC trainings are full with a waitlist.

Thank you everyone for your submissions!

If you are interested in being notified for future teacher training opportunities, please send us an email and you’ll get information on what we are up to next.

We have some plans for online opportunities this fall and in-person experiences in 2025.

Join Flouer Evelyn and Mark Carpenter for a week of diving into the skills of teaching fusion dance.

We’ll talk about classroom management, developing curriculum, working with a partner, and plenty about the world of fusion dancing.
Two of those days will be at a weekend festival where you will get the opportunity to analyze classes with both your instructors and peers and possibly even teach alongside Mark & Flouer.

What will you get from this week?

✅  A small group of peers to exchange ideas with 

✅  Systems on how we think about fusion dancing

✅ Options on how to structure curriculum

✅ Develop your facilitation and classroom management skills 

✅ Lots of feedback and learning from peers 

✅ Practice teaching in small groups


✅ Participants who are ready will be selected have opportunities to share material during the weekend festival, getting invaluable live feedback from both us as instructors and their peers.

What are our methods?

⭐  This training is not about dictating what content you should be teaching.  As fusion dancers we all have a vast array of skills, some of which might be in specialized areas that Mark & Flouer don’t have experience in. 

⭐  This workshop will help you develop your own personal vision of fusion dance.  We do this by building a wide map of existing techniques and helping you find where you are located on that map. 

In other words, your dancing is not and cannot ever be “everything”.  By having a reference point for what you are not, you will be better equipped to know what you are teaching (and therefore teach it better).

⭐  Flouer & Mark have backgrounds in dance academia and tech, respectively.  They are both highly organized and think in terms of systems and reference points. 

You can expect a training that dives deep into both experiential hands on learning and plenty of structures on how one can think about fusion dance, facilitation, and teaching movement.  

⭐  In essence, the teachers are here to share what has worked for them during the last few decades of teaching fusion dance around the world.  You will find that some of these things are a good fit for your style, and some of them you will put to the side with a preference for something else.  In either case, you will be more educated and aware of what is possible. 

⭐  We hope to help bring out your individual superpowers and give you some polish so you can shine.  If everyone in the Teacher Training cohort came out teaching exactly the same, we would not consider that a success story! 

Who is this workshop for?

We would love to have you apply if any of the below describe your situation. 

➡️  Experienced dancers interested in building the skills of local fusion communities. 

➡️  Teachers from specific dance styles who are interested in branching out into fusion and working on their general facilitation skills. 

➡️  Fusion dance organizers who want to learn how to structure and facilitate local practice groups.

➡️  We’re sure there are other situations we haven’t thought of, so if this training sounds exciting to you, either send us an email or apply and we’ll see if it’s a good fit. 

**Each person must send in an individual application.  If you are applying with someone else as part of a partnership please indicate that at the end of the application. 

Who are your facilitators?

Mark Carpenter

Mark is an international Fusion and "Baystyle" instructor, dj, and organizer hailing from California. When he is not traveling he is based out of the SF Bay Area, where he runs the Fusion Dance Academy. His social dancing career started with Lindy & Blues in 2005, and he has since studied Tango, WCS, and a dozen other dances. He has been teaching since 2006, much of that focused on the Fusion scene with its emerging forms and conventions, teaching workshops all over the world (and in two languages). He is at the forefront of shaping what Fusion is and what it can become, and one of the original codifiers of “Baystyle”. He has organized multiple events in the United States, most notably & All That Jazz, the SLO Exchange, and Fireside Fusion. Mark is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and exploration of both Fusion and Baystyle and continually strives to make the impossible look easy, and the easy look impossible.

Flouer Evelyn

Flouer (pronounced “Flower”) is a partner dance instructor & Embodiment Coach from New York City, currently based in Turin, Italy. She has been teaching Fusion since 2011, has an MFA in dance and a background teaching and performing Blues, Contemporary, Latin Ballroom, ballet, and ice skating. She has won plenty of partner dance competitions in various styles, and has performed & taught all over the globe. Through all these years she has, of course, won plenty of competitions, but what's important is that in the classroom Flouer has a warm, encouraging personality. In Fusion, Flouer brings her fascination for how the systems of different partner dances fit together, offering simple ways to give structure and context to the concept of “free partner dancing”. She is known for her values of artistry and personal expression, complimented by her ability to break down any movement into incredibly specific detail. Using imagery, anatomy, rhythm, cultural context and embodiment concepts, she will help you become the master of your own dance from the ground up. https://flouerdances.com “The reason to master technique is so the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself” – la Meri

All The Nitty Gritty Details

Schedule for the Weekend​

Training Dates:

🕓  Tuesday April 30 starts with an optional group lunch, formal classes will begin in the afternoon.
🕔  Friday May 3rd Weekender begins in the evening
🕗 Last decompression meeting is the evening of Sunday May 5th for dinner

Location & Housing

🗺️  Training during the weekdays will take place in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, NY.

Housing Options:

🛌  Our studio host has given us the opportunity for a handful of people to camp overnight in the studio for a small nightly fee if they bring their own bedding and mattress.  
🛌  There is a very economic hostel option within walking distance of the studio, with option to book private rooms for three people.  

*More information to be sent out after being accepted into the program. 

Application Process & Deadlines

🎟️  Applications are now open, and the first round will close on January 15th.  At that point, we will accept everyone who is a great fit for the program so that they can make travel arrangements as soon as possible. 

🎟️  If we are not full at that point, we will re-open applications and announce the second closing date.  If there are still spaces open, we are happy to accept people as late as we can.  


Cost for the entire week of training is $460. 

What’s included?

🚀 Four days of intensive small group training.

🚀  A full pass to the weekender event, Motley Hue 2024 Ltd. Ed. 

🚀  At least one group social dance during the week.

🚀  Ability to ask the teaching staff for individualized support during the whole week.

🚀  A few extra bonuses that we will throw in as a surprise.