Partner Dance: Working with Others

Partner Dance: Working with Others

Friday March 11th: 1pm & 8pm CET
Wednesday March 30th: 11am & 9pm CET (new date)

Classes are 75 Minutes.

Have you ever danced with a partner before? Do you know what it feels like to be in harmony with another person through movement?

If you answered “No”, this is the perfect class for you to try it out!

If you answered “Yes”, there is a good chance that your harmony looked and felt very different than the harmony of your friend who participated in a different dance form.

For instance, the “Swing” dances have a harmony that feels very different from the “Tango” family. And that harmony lends itself to different cultural expressions, which can be seen in each dance community.

This class will focus on what happens inside ourselves and the different types of relationships we build with our partners during the four “modes” of partner dancing: Groove, Accordion, Progressive, and Flow (we will show what these are).

What to expect…
This class will be warm & lighthearted. Come ready to focus and physically try exercises with another person in your space.
You can bring anyone you want to the class with you. A partner, a child old enough to follow simple instructions, or that friend who is always up for doing new stuff with you. (Pet’s unfortunately don’t count. Apologies to the cat crowd.)

Zero dance experience is necessary, though experts from different dance forms have gotten just as much out of this class as complete beginners. Advanced dancers… let go of your technical footwork (though I love it too!) and get back to the essence of the dance and it’s purpose of connecting people together.

What you will take away:
A broad sweeping overview of social dance history, an introduction to four different ways to navigate space with another person, an idea of what “leading” and “following” is in different dance forms, and hopefully some empathy for how different social groups connect to each other and move through the world.

What you will do:
We will give you simple exercises to learn about partner dance connection. You will learn a few basic positions and ways of physically connecting to your partner. Everyone will both lead and follow.

For all genders moving together, all body types, and ages about 10 and up (use your discretion). Most exercises can be modified to be in a wheelchair or a rolling office chair if needed.

What you will need: Another person to work with, enough space to take three-four steps in each direction, and for extra credit & a gold star you can position the camera so I can see both of your bodies.

I’ve taught this class all over the world to thousands of people and both beginners and experienced dancers have always come away with something new!

Payment Details
5-25 Sliding Scale (per couple)
You can use the link to the right to pay the amount you wish in any currency.

For Venmo: @FlouerDances

For bank transfer: Message me personally for details at

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