Partner Dance: Working with Others


In partner dance language, “connection” refers to how you are interacting and communicating with the person you are dancing with.

Partner Dance: Working with Others

This class will focus on the three main modes of connection & spatial relationships in partner dancing: Groove, Accordion, and Progressive.

We will answer questions like: “How and why is Swing different from Waltz, and both are different than Bachata?”
“What does it mean to ‘lead’ and ‘follow’, and how do these roles change with different styles of dance?”
“How do the styles of connection affect the way communities interact with each other?”

This class will be warm, lighthearted, and jam packed with information. Come ready to focus and physically try exercises with another person.

What you will take away:
A general idea of the variety of partner dance genres, a broad sweeping overview of social dance history, an introduction to three different ways to navigate space with another person, and hopefully some empathy for how different social groups connect to each other and move through the world.

What you will do:
We will give you simple exercises to learn about partner dance connection. You will learn a few basic positions and step patterns, but that will not be our focus. Everyone will both lead and follow.


For all genders moving together, all body types, and ages about 12 and up (Could be younger – use your discretion). Most exercises can be modified to be in a wheelchair or a rolling office chair if needed.

What you will need: Another person to work with, enough space to take three-four steps in each direction, and it’s great if you can position the camera so I can see both of your bodies.

Designed for those with knowledge about only one or two specific dance genres, those who have never moved with a partner before, or those who want to combine dance forms freely.

I’ve taught this class all over the world to thousands of people and both beginners and experienced dancers have always come away with something new!

Payment Details
9-18 Sliding Scale (per couple)
You can use the link to the right to pay the amount you wish in any currency.

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