Flouer and Jonathan 14

Fusion Dancing in NYC:  www.FusionDanceNYC.com

Cultivating & educating the Fusion Dance community is a huge passion of mine.  To me, it is the ultimate in technique, partner connection, & creativity.

What is Fusion Dance?

Fusion Dancers use the many genres of partner dance to create personal, improvisational expressions of music.

To me, this means breaking down the boundaries between dance forms to allow us to pick and choose which amongst the many different techniques we wish to employ at any given time. It also means bringing the partner dance community together under one roof to help foster endless possibilities of movement creation.

 What music do we dance to?

Around the world, the main staple of Fusion Dance tends to be Electronica music. Because EDM is a genre that does not have a partner dance form already attached to it, it is easy to be creative & leave behind expectations of what should be happening between the partnership.

In New York we also play electronica, but our staples are pop & west coast swing music, with a fair sprinkling of world music, nuevo tango, zouk, blues, downtempo, latin, swing, folk, soul, r&b, hip hop, & lyrical.

Lead / Follow Dynamic

In Fusion Dance, the lead / follow expectations are different from what you might expect in other dance forms.  The follow not only completes the lead’s suggestions, but can be an active contributor to the ideas of the dance, suggesting contrast, rhythms, and even alternative connection modes.

For more examples of Fusion Dancing, check out the Flouer Dances Youtube Channel.



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