What is Fusion?

Fusion can be very different depending on the place it is danced, and who is dancing it!  It is the ability to say “yes!” to your partner, no matter what background they come from.

Fusion Dancers use the many genres of partner dance to create personal, improvisational expressions of music.

This means breaking down the boundaries between dance forms to allow us to pick and choose which amongst the many different techniques we wish to employ at any given time. It also means bringing the partner dance community together under one roof to help foster endless possibilities of movement creation.

What does the dancing look like?

It can look very different depending on the dancing. Below is a playlist of various fusion dance teachers, representing different styles.

What Music do we dance to?

Many fusion dances around the world use electronic music as a base for their sound because there is no other dance form already attached to this genre, encouraging dancers out of their “genre boxes”. Electronic music also inspires creativity due to the eclectic moods and rhythms available. While I love to dance to electronica, I also love to dance to classical, pop, acoustic, folk, blues, soul, electro-swing, R&B, hip hop, sounds from Africa and the Middle East, and more!

Because of the nature of fusion dancing, every scene has a slightly different vibe to it, depending on the core dancers that make it up. Some of the cities are more zouk based, swing based, tango based, or mostly blues based. This will influence the music as well.

To listen to some fusion sounds, hop over to my Spotify Profile to see some of the playlists I have made for Fusion and Blues Dancing:

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